Orcus' War

Black Dragon's Keep and Under the Ragnarock

  • The party went deeper into the Black Dragon’s cave. Saved a baby black dragon from poachers.
  • Had a meeting with the mother black dragon and had the option to duel her to retrieve The Hand of Calderathat Rieta was looking for as well as a piece of the map for the Ragnarock Labyrinth
  • The party was victorious, with the help of Tohmoz, and escaped with the requested items and their lives.
  • Rieta opens up the chest containing the The Hand of Caldera. She replaces her old hand with the new and half of her body changes into that of a woman.
  • The guards outside of Castle Ragnarock acted as though the party was not there.
  • Quan Ti grew back his fingers. Huzzah! He informed the party that the entrance to the labyrinth is in the back of the castle and nobody has ever come out once going in.
  • Figured out the maps and started to locate the pieces of treasure.
  • When a wrong answer to a riddle is given, the adventures have to fight the golem that is on the room.
  • Acquired a magical staff and entered a portal to go back to the main entrance.



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