Orcus' War

The Dragon's Stash and Fabulous Fredo

  • Stumbled upon a traveling salesman. Purchased a lot of potions, some magic seeds, and a map to a supposed dragon cave.
  • Took a trip to the dragons cave to find several beasts stuffing coin in their bags of holding.
  • Defeated the beasts, knocking a couple into a river of magma. Took as much as the gold coins as possible.
  • Ripsaw stole a dragon egg. The revolting Dragonborn unintentionally destroyed the rest.
  • Ripsaw’s egg hatches.
  • Found Fredo performing a ritual.
  • After defeating Fredo, Strahd was mortally wounded. He fled to Castle Ravenloft to heal.
  • The party discovered that Castle Bornstein and Castle Ravenloft are going to be simultaneously invaded by Orcus’ army from a dying Fredo.



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