Orcus' War

Tough Decisions

where to go and what to do?

  • killed by Orcus in a dream
  • Met Red Dragons, who agreed to help in the fight to defend Bornstein, lost Baby dragon companion, flew on their backs to Bornstein.
  • Decided to go to Castle Bornstein to warn King Bornstein of the impending attack
  • Leifen and castle evacuated, sent to Leifen as refugees.
  • Attack happens, Adventurers defended it well until…
  • Losing situation, king wants to fight till the death, Regent Loucious commands him otherwise.
  • Escape from Castle Bornstein in the royal airship.
  • Strahd Ravenloft gets into a fight with King Bornstein about where they should go, and leaves.
  • Learned Rumors on airship.
  • Airship attacked, King Loses Arm, airship destroyed, Regent Loucious is dead or missing, Guard Commander Blythe was blown to bits trying to save the King.
  • Land safely and head to Castle Ragnarock
  • King Rockmourn is mortally wounded and his son, Prince X’omere has been kidnapped.
  • Regent Graasch seems fishy
  • Rumors in Old Bilge-Sucker Tavern
  • Meet Cid the Shipsmith, agree to buy an airship and aparatus of Kwalish, will be ready in 15 days. tells possible location of Prince.
  • find prince in a farmhouse with other children being held by members of Mina’s Circus, all in all they kill off many children rather than fight the adventurers. 4 Children survived, and the Prince is now Mute from the trauma.
  • Brought Prince back to Cid



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