Orcus' War

We must reclaim Leifen!

It's MY invisibility cloak, not yours!

SO heres what happened sunday

  • Crawled out of the catacombs to a guard-led take-over of the city-center.
  • MAgnus tried to stop a guard from hitting a person, he got thrown by a giant ogre guard.
  • Reita detected some foul-ass maginc being used and ushered Tohmoz out of danger.
  • Magnus questioned a guard, who was really dumb, but found out that it was by order of the regent.
  • They went back to Cid’s Ship Shed and Cid was disgruntled that their airship was taking too long to build, and was giving him issues.
  • he said that the whole city went crazy.
  • Something about a personal invisibility cloak (Reita!)
  • devised a plan to take back the city.
  • Began taking back the city piece by piece.
  • Eventually reclaimed the city.
  • Adventurers now control the city. figure out what to do with it here: http://www.scribblar.com/qkqbtzux5



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