Orcus' War

The rival group and a silk

remembering what happened in JUne of last year is hard.

I think you guys met your rival team.
LAzarous blew up.
Magnus joined you
fought rival team.
Kicked their asses because they were essential’s characters
went back into the catacombs, got lost for a LONG time.
finally figured it out, and got the silk.

Black Dragon's Keep and Under the Ragnarock
  • The party went deeper into the Black Dragon’s cave. Saved a baby black dragon from poachers.
  • Had a meeting with the mother black dragon and had the option to duel her to retrieve The Hand of Calderathat Rieta was looking for as well as a piece of the map for the Ragnarock Labyrinth
  • The party was victorious, with the help of Tohmoz, and escaped with the requested items and their lives.
  • Rieta opens up the chest containing the The Hand of Caldera. She replaces her old hand with the new and half of her body changes into that of a woman.
  • The guards outside of Castle Ragnarock acted as though the party was not there.
  • Quan Ti grew back his fingers. Huzzah! He informed the party that the entrance to the labyrinth is in the back of the castle and nobody has ever come out once going in.
  • Figured out the maps and started to locate the pieces of treasure.
  • When a wrong answer to a riddle is given, the adventures have to fight the golem that is on the room.
  • Acquired a magical staff and entered a portal to go back to the main entrance.
The Cat Lady and Entering the Cave of the Black Dragon
Sometimes you gotta trip-kick a bitch.
  • The group wakes up to hear talking and yelling coming from Cid’s showroom.
  • The noise was caused by a large Dragonborn and Tiefling, waiting on promised product that Cid had not gotten around to doing because of the urgency of creating our ship.
  • The two new arrivals agree to consider helping us in the battle against Orcus and his lieutenants if we help them raid a nearby Black Dragon’s Cave.
  • Our first quest together was to find and return a lost kitten to Lizette Rivera ( Mr Snugglepuss is lost)
  • A cute goblin child had the cat in the top floor Old Bilge-Sucker Tavern
  • When returning the kitten, Lizette Rivera is found to be a cat hoarder (both alive and dead) She hands over a whopping award if 50 copper pieces.
  • Then Rick breaks down her door and trip-kicks the bitch, knocking her unconscious.
  • they take her to the police who hate her too.
  • they return to the Orc girl who has anally raped the kitten (xyseria).
  • they swap xyseria with the real kitten.
  • they make their way to the black dragon cave. And fight through a couple rooms.
Tough Decisions
where to go and what to do?
  • killed by Orcus in a dream
  • Met Red Dragons, who agreed to help in the fight to defend Bornstein, lost Baby dragon companion, flew on their backs to Bornstein.
  • Decided to go to Castle Bornstein to warn King Bornstein of the impending attack
  • Leifen and castle evacuated, sent to Leifen as refugees.
  • Attack happens, Adventurers defended it well until…
  • Losing situation, king wants to fight till the death, Regent Loucious commands him otherwise.
  • Escape from Castle Bornstein in the royal airship.
  • Strahd Ravenloft gets into a fight with King Bornstein about where they should go, and leaves.
  • Learned Rumors on airship.
  • Airship attacked, King Loses Arm, airship destroyed, Regent Loucious is dead or missing, Guard Commander Blythe was blown to bits trying to save the King.
  • Land safely and head to Castle Ragnarock
  • King Rockmourn is mortally wounded and his son, Prince X’omere has been kidnapped.
  • Regent Graasch seems fishy
  • Rumors in Old Bilge-Sucker Tavern
  • Meet Cid the Shipsmith, agree to buy an airship and aparatus of Kwalish, will be ready in 15 days. tells possible location of Prince.
  • find prince in a farmhouse with other children being held by members of Mina’s Circus, all in all they kill off many children rather than fight the adventurers. 4 Children survived, and the Prince is now Mute from the trauma.
  • Brought Prince back to Cid
The Dragon's Stash and Fabulous Fredo
  • Stumbled upon a traveling salesman. Purchased a lot of potions, some magic seeds, and a map to a supposed dragon cave.
  • Took a trip to the dragons cave to find several beasts stuffing coin in their bags of holding.
  • Defeated the beasts, knocking a couple into a river of magma. Took as much as the gold coins as possible.
  • Ripsaw stole a dragon egg. The revolting Dragonborn unintentionally destroyed the rest.
  • Ripsaw’s egg hatches.
  • Found Fredo performing a ritual.
  • After defeating Fredo, Strahd was mortally wounded. He fled to Castle Ravenloft to heal.
  • The party discovered that Castle Bornstein and Castle Ravenloft are going to be simultaneously invaded by Orcus’ army from a dying Fredo.

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