Orcus' War

The Cat Lady and Entering the Cave of the Black Dragon

Sometimes you gotta trip-kick a bitch.

  • The group wakes up to hear talking and yelling coming from Cid’s showroom.
  • The noise was caused by a large Dragonborn and Tiefling, waiting on promised product that Cid had not gotten around to doing because of the urgency of creating our ship.
  • The two new arrivals agree to consider helping us in the battle against Orcus and his lieutenants if we help them raid a nearby Black Dragon’s Cave.
  • Our first quest together was to find and return a lost kitten to Lizette Rivera ( Mr Snugglepuss is lost)
  • A cute goblin child had the cat in the top floor Old Bilge-Sucker Tavern
  • When returning the kitten, Lizette Rivera is found to be a cat hoarder (both alive and dead) She hands over a whopping award if 50 copper pieces.
  • Then Rick breaks down her door and trip-kicks the bitch, knocking her unconscious.
  • they take her to the police who hate her too.
  • they return to the Orc girl who has anally raped the kitten (xyseria).
  • they swap xyseria with the real kitten.
  • they make their way to the black dragon cave. And fight through a couple rooms.



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